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Jupiter 2

The most efficient scrubber on the market!

Patented gas entry port which minimizes scrubber cleaning
Patented automatic clearing device
No vapor blow back, prevents reactor exhaust clogging
Teflon coated gas entry port that nevers needs replacement
System requires only 1 to 2 gallons of city water per minute
Equipped with secondary containment accordance with Title 20
Clear PVC scrubbing chambers make viewing internal parts easy
Special design prevents spray nozzle plugging

Jupiter 2 Options

Additional access ports

In addition to the three standard small ports, two additional ports are provided as an option to provide access to the media chamber.



Additional large maintenance port

In addition to the standard large port, an additional port is available as an option to provide access to the lower half of the main chamber.


Optional blast port

A blast port offers additional protection for the Jupiter 2 Scrubber


ph Neutralization System


Accurately measure and control the pH by using state-of-the-art pH monitoring and control instruments.

Pressure switch

An optional pump pressure switch indicates low pressure from the output side of the pump.